Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now I get it

I recently discovered why it is that I'm so disinclined to disconnect.

It's my grandma's fault.

A few days ago, she got a new cell phone. Was her old one broken? Was there some problem with her service provider? Did she wager it at a bingo match and later regret her impulsiveness?

No, no and no. (By the way, never, ever challenger her to a game of bingo -- she owns that game.)

Instead, she wanted instant internet access, and using the computer room on the ground floor of her apartment building wasn't cutting it anymore.

My grandmother, it turns out, is hooked on email, online chess, blogs and news.

I went over and inputted her email's username and password, and as her unread messages started rolling out onto the tiny screen her face erupted into a marveled smile.

I know, Grandma. The internet makes me happy, too!

(Knowing I can blame it on my genes makes me even happier.)

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