Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Facebook poll: How long could do you think you go without any internet access?

A few days ago I polled my Facebook friends. They don't know what I'm up to yet. Here's what I asked in my status box:
Quick poll: How long could do you think you go witout any internet access? No email, blackberry,, huffpost, zip! a) an hour or two at most b) a day c) a week d) a month e) a year
And the answers:
MA: it depends if you talk about personal taste or job requirements. I personally could go for a month, maybe more, but in my job it would be advisable not to disappear for more than a week or so
Mon at 3:25pm · Delete
MM: (Poll Application)
My source of income depends on it... so 2 weeks for a vacation!
Mon at 3:30pm · Delete
IGC: B: I could survive a day, but I would need to be busy doing fun things so I wouldn't think about it.
Mon at 4:01pm · Delete
DB: This is too general; it all depends
Mon at 4:16pm · Delete
Roxana Popescu: @Dave, to clarify, I'm curious how long you could tolerate to be really and totally offline, during a vacation or otherwise, thanks to willpower alone. Not because you are stuck in a mine for two weeks or had your country taken over by a Luddite coup, but just because you decided, for whatever reason, to say bye bye to cyberspace. No contest, no incentive, no cataclysm. Just, willpower.
Mon at 4:21pm · Delete
DB: It depends! If not using the interet was a high priority, I would move to the mountains and become a llama rancher. Then I would be so involved with that that I wouldn't care for the Internet.
Mon at 4:30pm · Delete
IGC: Do you think it's a telling sign that my 7 month old daughter, Chloe, already wants a blackberry?
Mon at 5:19pm · Delete
Roxana Popescu: I think they already have totberries, or if not, wait a year or two. She'll learn to read and write faster that way, and then you won't need a nanny anymore -- let Chloe loose and tell her to check in periodically!
Mon at 5:51pm · Delete
MV: If kids learn to write and read from the Internet, then Jeebus help us. Public schools already produce an illiterate mass that plagues the Internet.
Mon at 6:45pm · Delete
MM: Ishwara, that depends on if you are talking about the fruit or the phone?
Mon at 9:16pm · Delete
No real revelations, except that DB is into llama ranching. That things ya learn! What about you, o reader? How would you respond to that poll?

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