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77 Simple Living Blogs

Thanks to Phoebe, the lovely life force behind of Silk Felt Soil, for sending me this list of Top Simple Living Blogs. Organicasm put out the list a little more than a year ago -- in August 2008 -- and clicking through, I was struck by how many of these sites are now defunct. I've decided to cross out anything with a dead URL or no updates in more than six months. Then again, I guess it's a fairly normal rate. Once again, thanks to Organicasm for compiling this list. For your enjoyment:

  • My Simpler Life: Learn to get your life under control with tips and advice from professional life coach.

    Down to Earth: Here, blogger Rhonda discusses simple living topics like gardening, green cleaning, cooking simple meals, and living well on less.

    Simple Living in a Complex World: Learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with posts from this crafty blogger. Recent posts have given advice on baking artisan bread, knitting and gardening.

    The Smart Woman’s Guide to a Simple Life: Ladies looking to simplify their lives will appreciate the advice and posts in this blog. You’ll get tips on everything from caring for children to being more productive.

    Plastic Drifter: This blog is a great help to those living the modern life who want to simplify things and get rid of the junk that clutters their homes. Read about freecyling, buying less and finding fulfilling careers.

    Everyday Simplicity: Designed to provide information to both the newbie and the veteran simple lifers, this blog focuses on aspects of organization, daily life and providing readers with inspirational quotes.

    Simplicity in Kansas: This blog can be a great read for anyone interested in spending less and still enjoying life to the fullest.

    Redomestication: Blogger Michelle is a mom, an entrepreneur and a homesteader interested in sharing her experiences with living the simple (or sometimes not so simple) life with readers.

    Finding Simplicity: Navigating through the mess of finances, junk and consumerism that is a big part of many of our lives can be difficult. Read about blogger Sharon’s journey to simplicity to get some advice on your own.

    My Green Side: This blog is full of simple tips to help you start living simpler and be more conscious of the impact you have on the environment. Get recipes for green fabric softener as well as a host of other simple household products.

    In Search of a Simple Life: Here you will find many posts for this UK blogger about enjoying the simple pleasures in life like baking, spring showers and being with family.

    A More Green and Simple Life: Blogger Donna Ellis records her journey towards a less cluttered and hectic life in her posts. She shares her experience with making small changes in her life that help her finances, family and the environment.

    Choosing Voluntary Simplicity: Just like anything else, simplicity is a choice, and this blog is dedicated to the daily choices we can make that help make our lives less complicated. Its posts are geared towards giving readers the tools to lead more balanced and fulfilled lives.

    Less is More Balanced: Find information on beautifully designed products that can help you on your path to living more simply and balanced.

    Tiny Choices: This blog is all about the tiny choice you make every day that affect your life and the environment. You’ll get advice on everything from living in small spaces to drinking bottled water.

    Neat and Simple Living: Ariane Benefit is a professional organizing coach, author of several books and a blogger. You can read through her great tips on how to whip your home, car, garage, office and anything else into shape.

    Unclutterer: Whether you’re trying to get organized for the first time or just keep your current organizational systems functional, you’ll find help with Unclutterer’s daily tips.

    Get Organized Now!: Entrepreneur Maria Gracia shares her tips on how you can organize your business or home from tossing out old clothes to giving book recommendations.

    Psychology of Clutter: Get into the inner workings of your mind and find out what makes you clutter tendencies so hard to break with this blog by professional psychologist Dr. Amie Ragan.

    The Home Office Organizer: Who isn’t guilty of creating stacks of papers to deal with later on their desk, especially if you work from home? Learn how to whip your home office into a productivity zone with some advice gleaned from this blog.

    Clear and Simple: Check out this blog with monthly tips from professional organizing team Maria, Donna and Kelly. If you like what you read, you can also sign up for a newsletter.

    Discover Organization: Get tips, multimedia and a variety of tutorials on how you can get your home organized and make your life simpler and better on Discover Organization.

    FlyLady: Perhaps one of the best known anti-clutter bloggers, the Fly Lady will get you on the right path to clearing out your home, office and life of all the clutter that’s weighing you down.

    The Clutter Diet: Author of the book of the same name, Lorie Marrero gives readers some tips on how to save time at work, make your family life run more smoothly and most importantly, clear out all your junk.

    Creative Organizing: For many people, creativity and organization are two things that simply don’t go hand and hand. This blog shows otherwise and gives readers loads of great ways to keep your creativity tools organized so you’ll be able to find them when inspiration strikes.

    Let’s Talk Organizing: Get the motivation you need to clean out your closet from professional organizer Suzanne Babb. You’ll be able to read about the rewards of organization, find out if you’re chronically disorganized or streamline your workday.

    Online Organizing: Online organizing is home to loads of online resources for helping even the worst of clutterbugs get their stuff in order. You’ll find blog posts from people in your same situation to provide inspiration, advice and encouragement.

    Wise Bread: Wise Bread is dedicated to "living large on a small budget". You’ll find posts on a large variety of topics ranging from how to sell your hair to tips on getting out of debt.

    The Simple Dollar: Keep your finances simple with advice from this penny pinching blog. You’ll get advice on eliminating your debt and creating better spending habits.

    Frugal for Life: Here you’ll find tips and posts on helping you life a fuller, simpler life through scaling back on expenditures and staying healthy.

    Frugal Village: Learn about topics like frugal cooking and decorating, gardening, thrifting and simple living on this blog with posts by blogger Sara Noel.

    Blunt Money: Get access to frank discussions of money with this blog, and educate yourself on your net worth, how to refinance your mortgage and managing finances when you’ve got kids.

    A Year Off: Think you could go a whole year without making any indulgent shopping purchases? This family is trying to do just that, and this blog chronicles their progress, trials and setbacks as they attempt to break poor spending habits.

    Tight Fisted Miser: While simplicity doesn’t require you to be miserly, this blog can provide you with some tips that will help you cut back and create a more realistic budget.

    The Dollar Stretcher: Learn to make every penny go further with tips from the articles on this site. You’ll find everything from insurance advice to ways to cut your grocery bills.

    Savvy Frugality: Get enthusiastic about being frugal with the infectious spirit of this blog. You’ll get access to all kinds of shopping tips to help you get the lowest prices on everything from groceries to new clothes.

    A Frugal Living Blog by a Frugal Guy: The author of this blog has gone through some tight times and has learned the true meaning of making every penny count. Learn from his experiences with this blog.

    Simply Thrifty: Blogger Deb posts about a variety of thrifty issues including how to get freebies and what to do with old socks.

    Parent Hacks: Get useful tips, tricks and advice on parenting from this blog, written by other experienced parents who’ve tried it out on their own children.

    SouleMama: This super creative mom shows how to make simple and beautiful crafts while enjoying the pleasures of raising small children.

    Amy’s Humble Musings: Mother of six Amy Scott writes about her experience raising her children while still trying to keep things simple and stick to her values.

    Life is Not a Cereal: This blog emphasizes the spiritual side of living simply while raising a family. Blogger Jenny shares her thoughts on faith, the trials of child rearing and everyday life.

    This Simple Life: This mom of two shares her thoughts on simple living, parenting, and faith as well as many photos.

    The Simple Family: This blog chronicles the journey of a suburban family trying to make the switch from a typical suburban life to one that’s greener, simpler and, hopes the mother, happier.

    The Frugal Family Kitchen: If you find yourself struggling to come up with simpler recipes or ways to save money on your family’s food budget, this this blog could help you out. It gives ideas on all kinds of DIY, simple meals for every time of the day.

    MotherLoad: Every mom (and dad) needs a little help and assistance now and then to keep from getting completely overwhelmed. This blog can give you some helpful parenting tips, recipes, career advice and more to make caring for your family a little easier.

    Living on a Dime: You can learn to make the most of even meager resources with this blog. Read answers to visitor questions, get advice on making cheap meals, and more from mother and daughter team Tawra and Jill.

    The Simple Wife: Read about the adventures of mother Joanne as she raises her children, enjoys simple pastimes, and attempts to live a less stuff-filled life.

    Tree Hugging Family: Make your efforts to go green and live more simply a family affair with advice from Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland, authors of this informative blog.

    The Green Mommy: This mom is trying to keep her spending in check, eat organically and care for her small child. Read about her experiences here.

    Green and Simple Living: This blog deals with concerns of conserving resources, reducing waste, and living a more environmentally friendly life. Blogger Shirley gives her take on topics like organic foods, renewable energy and green living in this blog.

    Natural Living: This blog shares stories of working on a farm, being a health nut, and enjoying the simple and earth-friendly pleasures life has to offer.

    Towards Sustainability: Here you’ll find the story of this Australian family of five slowly attempting to make the change to a greener and ultimately more sustainable lifestyle. It’s written by a mom and former environmental scientist who shares her experiences gardening, cooking and being crafty.

    Treehugger: Treehugger wants green living and sustainability to become things that aren’t fringe elements of society. On this site, you’ll find loads of info about green products, ways you can make every part of your life greener, and even some tips about eating healthier.

    Eat Local Challenge: If you’ve ever stopped to think about it, you’ve realized that much of what we eat on a daily basis comes from all over the nation and even the world. This blog is all about eating foods that are grown organically and locally so they don’t have to be shipped all over, using energy and resources.

    NatureMoms: This blog serves a guide for those needing help creating a more earth-friendly life at home. Mom Tiffany shares her challenges with this through the posts on her blog.

    Green Living Tips: Need a few tips to get you started on your new, simpler lifestyle? This blog is full of tiny ways you can start living a more earth-conscious life.

    The Green Life: The Sierra Club is known for its efforts to save wildlife and work towards getting people from all over the world to conserve more and waste less. You can read about their mission on this blog.

    A Year of Living Greener: This blog tracks the progress of a mom who hopes that by the end of 2008 she’ll be living greener and more responsibly. You can read along with her journey as she declutters, gives tips and struggles with decisions on organic food.

    Low Impact Living: Learn to make your carbon footprint a little smaller with home improvement tips, organization and recycling advice and loads of other factors to consider when trying to live greener.

    Green Living Ideas: From flooring and lighting to banking and eating out, this blog explores how you can go green in every aspect of your life.

    Lifehacker: Lifehacker is a mecca for productivity tips, especially for those who love their gadgets and technology. Check it out to see if you can’t get your work or home schedules to be more efficient.

    Zen Habits: This blog can give you some advice on living more simply and purposefully but also on how to get the most out of the time you spend at work, doing housework and anything else that needs to be done.

    The Lazy Way to Success: Why work for hours on end at a job when you can get the same amount done in half the time? This blog will show you how you can work less, earn more, and still feel like you’re getting things done.

    Dumb Little Man: The little man in this blog is hardly dumb and can provide you with a wide variety of tips on boosting your productivity in everything you do.

    Web Worker Daily: Even if you don’t work solely on the Internet, chances are pretty good that you use it for at least some part of your job on a daily basis. Give this blog a quick read to see how you can more effectively use the net to get your work done, network, and find job happiness.

    Life Clever: Designers of all kinds will appreciate this blog which gives tips on how you can make your design work better and more productive. Of course, there’s something for the rest of us too, with loads of suggestions on improving other aspects of life as well.

    Success Begins Today: Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today, especially when that something is starting working towards your success? This blog is dedicated to helping you improve your personal productivity and meet your goals.

    Make Use Of: Web addicts will love this blog, which gives reviews and advice on all things Internet. Check out some of the recommended programs, as they can streamline your processes and make your life a little easier.

    Ian’s Messy Desk: The tagline of this blog is "helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day." Who doesn’t want a little help with that? Read up to find out ways you can be making the most of your time.

    Business Hackers: Don’t worry, despite the title, there’s nothing sinister about this blog. It’s simply full of tips and suggestions to help get a Web business up, running and making money without spending too much time and effort doing it.

    Dave Cheong: Read about this software engineer’s ups and downs in his journey to entrepreneurship, and get some helpful advice on how to improve your career and work attitude as well.

    The Lean Blog: Learn to be less wasteful and more purposeful in your business practices with inspiration from this blog, which advocates the "lean method."

    Simple Productivity: Being productive doesn’t have to be complicated, as this blog proves. Read it frequently for simple ideas to help you get more done.

    LifeDev: This blog is dedicated to creative people who want to learn to get more done and improve their lives one step at a time. Get loads of tips on boosting your creativity and working to maximize your time.

    Life Optimizer: Get some inspiration to find the best in yourself from this upbeat blog. It’s aimed at helping readers fulfill their true potential and live the fullest lives possible.

    My Empty Bucket: Here you’ll find posts that are all about learning to create your own happiness and personal fulfillment, from giving, to exploring new things, to waiting for the right time, you’ll find inspiration here.

    The Positivity Blog: Feeling a little too negative lately? Get some positive energy from the posts on this blog dedicated to helping you see the bright side of things.

    Life Reboot: Do you sometimes feel like you want a do over when you think about your career? It’s not too late to make a change and this blog can give you some inspiration and guidance on how to makeover your life.

    Ignite Living: This blog gives tips for "productive, simple and happy living." Read about how to take criticism and how you can help your business and yourself.

    Personal Development Made Simple: Making changes in your attitude, lifestyle and outlook doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. This blog breaks it down and helps make it easier to make the leap.

    Life Coaches Blog: If you’re looking for your own little personal cheering section as you make life changes, a life coach may be just the thing for you. Get some inspiration for and by life coaches in this helpful blog.

    Daily Cup of Yoga: Learn all about yoga related issues and get some pointers on this yoga-focused blog that can help you learn to be more centered and healthy.

    Take Back Your Time: Stress is one of the leading factors that cause almost every known illness known to man. This blog is about taking back time for yourself, not overdoing it, and making sure you’re staying happy and healthy.

    Simple Nourished Living: This blog is full of ideas on how you can live a more nourished and healthy life without doing anything fancy while keeping things simple and stress free.

    Fitness Health Zone: Want some simple suggestions on how you can start getting in shape? This blog is full of short tips, exercises and advice on living a healthier lifestyle.

    Green Health Information: Learn to stay healthy while going green with the posts from this blog. You’ll learn some natural ways to deal with a variety of illnesses and how to keep yourself fit and environmentally friendly.

    Really Useful Fitness Blog: Simplify your workout routine with tips and activities suggested in this blog.

    Simple Health Ideas: Registered massage therapist Denise Mackinnon gives advice in this blog on nutrition, exercise and a variety of other wellness issues.

    Dani Spies: Looking for some simple but healthy recipes to feed your family that won’t have you in the kitchen for hours slaving over the stove? Dani Spies, a health counselor and fitness trainer, provides new recipes regularly to help keep you simply healthy.

    The Simple Pastor: Follow the travels of this UK-based pastor who embraces his spirituality and tries to live a simple, religiously focused life.

    Simple Living America: Simple Living America is one of the most widespread organizations dedicated to helping people live simpler, less consumer driven lives. You can read about their work and learn to change your life in this blog.

    Faces of Simple Living: If you’re thinking about changing your life to live more simply you’re not alone. This blog follows the travels of Gerald Iversen as he meets people all over the US who have decided to simplify their lives.

    Soulforce: This organization is dedicated to promoting simple, human values like equality and tolerance through the non-violent methods of leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Learn to incorporate these values into your daily actions and how to get involved from this site.

    Isle Dance: If you’ve ever dreamed of selling all your stuff and moving to a remote island, this blog is for you. This single blogger lives in an eco friendly cabin and sleeps in a hammock while trying to keep things simple.

    Found Clothing: Most people have seen the odd shoe, sock, or shirt abandoned on the sidewalk or at the beach. This blog chronicles the lives of these lost clothing items which readers save and recycle.

    The Laws of Simplicity: Whether you work in design or just appreciate it you’ll learn how simplicity can be a desirable factor in all kinds of products from chocolate to running shoes.

    Musings from a Stonehead: Embrace stone croft houses with this blogger from Scotland as he writes about his experience operating a traditional farm and trying to be environmentally friendly.

    Sarah’s Homestead Blog: This Oregon blogger talks about her experiences working on a farm, raising animals, making crafts and basically doing everything she can herself.

    Not So Virtual Homestead: Here you can read about how this family aims to be self-sufficient on their small farm in the middle of New Jersey while raising two small daughters. Beth Dargis. You’ll learn how to have more fun, be more organized and pare your life down to the things you really care about.

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