Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing bingeclicker

I've joined Twitter!

I am @bingeclicker.

My first tweet:
Thinking about the irony of joining twitter as I contemplate quitting the internet for a year.
As for my handle, I was toying with a few ideas: onemoreclick, twitterquitter, internetquitter, quitterette, quitterina, clickster. But those were taken, or gave off the wrong allure. Still, I'm sort of torn between bingeclicker and quitterette -- which has the added plus of sound like "cigarette." Any votes, oh absent (Wait! I forgot I have one reader at this point. Moi!) reader?

[image via pixdaus]


  1. I kind of like quitterette -- I think you should go for that!

  2. Really? I'm definitely thinking about it... but doesn't it sound too girly or instantly make you think of "wonkette"?

  3. I see your point, but if you turn quitterette into its own twitosphere identity, the other associations will melt away. I say go for it! BingeClicker sound like an e-marking company.

  4. Ok, cool. Thanks for reading and commenting!