Monday, October 5, 2009

How it all began

A few hours ago, I was in my kitchen, making coq au vin.

It was the perfect recipe for the chicken and extra dry wine that I had accumulated during a wine tasting my boyfriend and I hosted at our house this weekend.

I had just finished sauteeing the pearl onions when I put the chicken pieces into the still oily pan and gently browned them. Then I moved the chicken to a plate, sprinkled salt and pepper on it. And updated my Facebook status.

"Roxana Popescu is seasoning."

I felt obliged to add:

"Roxana Popescu (yes I have the laptop in the kitchen with me... how else will I feed the internet IV drip?)"

Which generated a flurry of conversation:
EL: There are support groups for that... I guess....
4 hours ago · Delete

Roxana Popescu: do you speak from experience?
4 hours ago · Delete

EL: Yes, I hate admit it, but yes.
4 hours ago · Delete

Roxana Popescu: Well, addictions are so much more fun when left untreated, aren't they!
3 hours ago · Delete

EL: How true, Roxana. What was I thinking?
3 hours ago · Delete

NLJ: I dare you to try 365 days w/o the internet! Double dare! Except I'd hate to find you foaming at the mouth and shivering on the bathroom floor
3 hours ago · Delete

Roxana Popescu: I adore the idea, but my first thought was -- that would make a great blog! I am such a lost cause...
2 hours ago · Delete

NLJ: That's what your typewriter is for, then you could have Andrei post it online for you (which you would be unable to see, of course). I bet he would love the creative control.
2 hours ago · Delete

Roxana Popescu: That is most tempting. But what would I DO with myself those extra 16 hours a day???
2 hours ago · Delete

NLJ: You could type out what you are gonna put online the following year. I think it would be cool.
about an hour ago · Delete

So the idea was born.

I owe it all to NLJ. And EL. And that chicken.

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