Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missable or Dismissable: Mouse poop, ampu-kittens and more!

In the first installment of

Missable or Dismissable?

I bring you...


Featuring the best of the worst of Etsy. Here's one, er, gem:

Verdict: Missable.

Seriously, now that I've discovered this site how will I stop myself from checking it daily? Where else will I get my fix o' crappy crafts?

This isn't to bash Etsy per se -- there are a lot of nice things there. On a side note, though, I bear a certain contempt for a site that panders a fantasy of gainful self-employment through petty artisanship. I don't mind the petty, or the artisanship, but it's the gainful self-employment that gets me. Slate's Sara Mosle picked up on this in a piece a few months ago. Read her article here. A band of Jezebel writers slapped Mosle back, saying she propagates gender stereotpyes and a certain Groucho Marx-y "too cool for a club that will have me as its member" condescension. Read that here.

Regardless of the deep social, politic and economic repercussions of the gender breakdown of the crafting masses, regretsy rocks.

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