Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What have I done?

Now that I have decreed I'm going offline tomorrow, I am petrified.

What have I done??

In the last five minutes I've issued five pathetic tweets:
Now my heart is beating faster, because it's sinking in. I won't be able to do this tomorrow. Or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or thisorthisorthisorthisorthisorthisorthis!!

Ok. Here's the plan. I will make a list of things I can look forward to tomorrow. And I will print it out and read it every time I'm getting antsy.

1. phone call with AY, friend from college and grad school who lives in London now, which we've planned for a few days
2. work
3. work
4. work
5. progress
6. no distractions
7. work work work
8. progress progress progress
9. i will sit in a beautiful cafe and stare at my surroundings, not the screen before me
10. i will call 3 people I haven't spoken to in more than a month
11. i will write one letter, run one errand or do one chore to make the rest of the week easier
12. i will treat myself to a movie, theme park or anything else that panders an escapist fantasy
13. i will keep notes about what it's like to be offline for no good reason, and publish them here, friday

And that's that.

1 comment:

  1. Even if you don't actually read this comment for a full year. I wanted to say I found you searching (Google) for the exact thing you're doing. I figured someone else has had to have tried it. Low and behold you're starting TODAY! I will save your blog and read it...later.

    I was thinking about all the ways life would change if I no longer used the internet; making lots more phone calls, sending letters, paying bills with checks (not to mention balancing a checkbook!), looking up addresses by street in a map index, shopping in stores, MUCH smaller social circle, reading books and paper publications, using a cookBOOK! haha

    But then there's also the potential to do so much more than ever. The time you used to spend on the Net will hopefully translate into a plethora of real world things you will do and experience with all five senses.

    Perhaps you'll compelled to write a book about it. I'd read it. I wish you good luck.