Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Feature: Missable or Dismissable

Ever since starting this project, or starting to start it, I've been reading the web with new eyes.

It's like when you take a walk in a city you know you'll be leaving or approach the end of college. You realize there are certain things you'll be doing, one day, for the last time. You register more consciously what you love, what you want to come back to, what you thought was annoying but isn't that bad. Of course that end phase is tinged with preemptive nostalgia.

But something else happens, too. You start to use your time better. Skip that mediocre cafe, go to the one with the green chairs because the view is nicer; and definitely go back to the crepe stand run by the nice old man, since who knows when you'll see him again.

In this case, it's not forever -- yet who knows. If one thing is certain about the internet, is that things are uncertain. If I'm away for a month I think it would be different when I came back -- new trends and startups, defunct or repackaged sites -- let alone a year.

With that in mind, I've started grouping some of the places I visit online into two categories: Missable or Dismissable.

The first is what I'll miss most. The second is what I won't.

If anyone stumbling across this here corner of cyberspace has anything to contribute, send me an email (or comment below) and I'll post it! It would be cool to see how these categories play out for other people out there.

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