Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If stinky people won't stop me, what will?

I confessed the idea to my FIC (Fabulous Italian Cousin) on google chat today.

Her reaction:

  R U CRAZY????????????????
 me: yes
  but probably not that crazy
  nu stiu... [That's "I dunno" in Romanian, our common language]

  i'm just flirting with the idea...
12:39 PM FIC: wow

Then she made a few great points. Including: I wouldn't resist. Also, what would be the point? I have way more to gain by using the internet -- time, convenience, access -- than by not using it.

She concluded by inviting me to stay at my aunt's house, in rural Italy, for a few months. It's a 20 minute drive from the nearest internet point, a cramped, dank place inhabited by strange creatures who never shower. My reply:

me: i've done it before: stinky french people in a dark unventilated moist room, just to read cnn.com

If putting up with stinky french people in a dark unventilated moist room just to read crappy quality news in the middle of the City of Light is not a sign I should quit the internet, don't know what else is.

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