Thursday, October 22, 2009

When and how?!??!

This is what people are saying when they hear this plan I've hatched: To quit the internet for a year and live to tell the tale.

Given that my friends were originally skeptical, I guess these decisive questions are encouraging. A tad flattering, even. Now that I seem serious -- writing 41 blog posts on a subject naturally makes any pursuit legitimate -- people are taking me more seriously.

Or should I be a little concerned... about the eagerness with which my friends seem to want me to get down to business. Do their eyes really need to light up as they ask

"Wow!!! WHEN!! HOW??"

People, I'm going offline, not giving out tickets to the 7th annual San Antonio Prayathon. So calm down.

Anyway, the answer is... I'm not sure yet.

This is why I started documenting Project Quitnet before actually quitting: to figure out all those details and let you, dear reader, in on the process. What I know, so far: I'll sign off as soon as I can feasibly do so. That's probably around January or February, since I have a few projects where I really need internet access. One is my dissertation, which I cannot write quickly without the internet. I keep in touch with profs and use online journals and google books, etc. Second is the question of employment. I'm a freelance writer, which means that I'd have to either convince my editors to make a few changes or find a way to do this so there's zero inconvenience for them. And don't get me started on tracking down sources and doing research... The preparation alone (getting people's numbers, letting people know, downloading or printing resources) will take a few months.

But I will let you know as soon as I have a date fixed.

As for the how... How to quit, how to post dispatches from offlineland, how to vouchsafe the integrity of the project, how to make sure I stick with the program but also don't pull all my hair out from desperation...

I'm trying to figure all that out. I have have a few ideas, and the support of a few people who offered to help me communicate from my cocoon.

Any ideas are welcomed.

[image one via CcureIT, image two via Great Green Wedding]

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