Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Quiz

This is the internet addiction quiz I discovered, from an article I discussed in the previous post.

I picked "Surfing the Net" because it's generic enough to include all the subcategories that apply: Cell Phone Use, Television, Social Networking and Blogging. But, this seeing this list is a relief. With no addictions to shopping, gaming, porn, forums, gambling or even auctioning, I think I will be in the clear. Next:

I'm not upping the dosage and I don't see any deeply negative repercussions to my internet usage. There's an opportunity cost, of course, but I'm still showering regularly and fitting into my jeans.


Not sure what they mean by "content." As in, finding yourself reading about John and Kate plus 8 when you actually think watching Tom Delay's final performance on DWTS is a better way of wasting your time? Maybe it's just code for porn.


I wonder if other people disagree, however.

That's it.

7 yesses, 7 nos. Nice and balanced. Sane.

Now for the results. I just clicked on "next" and...

Intervention may be merited, huh? Here's an idea, ReSTART quiz. How about you go intervene yourself. I have some internet quitting to do.

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