Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweden's entire internet down for an hour

According to Royal Pingdom via Mashable, internet access to all Swedish websites was suspended last night. That's everything that ends in a .se

Something about a broken DNS chain, whatever that is. From Royal Pingdom:
“The problem happened during planned maintenance of the .se domain. The .SE registry used an incorrectly configured script to update the .se zone, which introduced an error to every single .se domain name.
We have spoken to a number of industry insiders and what happened is that when updating the data, the script did not add a terminating “.” to the DNS records in the .se zone. That trailing dot is necessary in the settings for DNS to understand that “.se” is the top-level domain. It is a seemingly small detail, but without it, the whole DNS lookup chain broke down.”
I second the conclusion reached by Mashable's Jennifer Van Grove:
We can only imagine the disastrous side effects of such an all-encompassing internet outage; countless complaints, online retailer woes, and a plethora of businesses had to be negatively affected by the down time.
Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to the people of Sweden.

If the thought of no internet for an hour makes me shudder so, (and scream yegaaaads on twitter), then how will I fare for a month? Forget a year. How about a measly month?

Not looking good for project quit net.

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